The SAVOIE Fire and Rescue Services (SDIS 73 / SAVOY FRS) is in charge of prevention, protection and fight against the fires and disasters of all types. It became a departmental independent structure since year 2000 and was, before, based on a local scale. They work each day with other services and professionals involved in protection and control of accidents and disasters. PPI also intervenes in the assessment and prevention of technological or natural hazards and in medical emergency.

Fire services as SDIS 73 carry out the following tasks:
• Prevention and assessment of civil protection risks,
• preparedness of safeguard measures and emergency response organization
• Protection of peoples, goods and environment,
• Emergency relief to victims of accidents or disasters, as well as their medical evacuation.
The 2,500 firefighters provide coverage of the current risks from 80 fire stations grouped. Specialized teams complement these operational units (Mountain Rescue, lifeguarding, R&R, Hazmat…) trained to respond to particular threats in addition to the current risk. In 2019, SDIS 73 received 133.347 emergency calls from 2 call numbers: 18 (French firefighters phone number) and 112 (European Emergency call number). This call has led to 38.000 interventions (82% of them were medical or paramedical assistance), with an average of 98 responses per day. In the 2019 year, SDIS 73 rescued 33,000 victims. The other interventions spread on a broad scope from fires (10 %) to road incidents and hazmat.