The Population Protection Institute (PPI) is subordinated to the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. PPI is governed by the General Directorate of the Firefighting and Rescue Services (GD FRS) of the Czech Republic. The Population Protection Institute provides education, scientific research, informative and advisory services in areas of civil emergency planning, emergency management, Integrated rescue system (IRS) and civil protection for members and organisations of the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS), Ministries, Administration and Municipal authorities as well as the public.
The Institute is responsible for the Security Research of the Czech Republic and improving the Firefighting and Rescue Service capabilities and other organisations that are part of the Integrated Rescue System. PPI develops conceptions, methodologies and strategies and cooperates in various legal interdepartmental teams and groups. The Institute has a Chemical, Radiological, Warning and Notification, Fires Investigation, and Specialized Collective and Individual protection sections. The Institute works in applied research, early warning and emergency notification of population, critical infrastructure protection, dosimetry and radiological verification, radiation, and incidents involving CBRNE agents.