System Vulnerability & Hazards Indetification

System Vulnerability and Hazard identification within the initiative RAIN refer to identifying and analysing the extreme weather events and defining the intensity thresholds and regional differences in vulnerability and climate. The partnership also focuses on assessing the present state-of-the-art forecast systems for extreme weather and their characteristics to address and estimate their predictive skill. Last but not least, the frequency of weather hazards throughout Europe is critical for both the present and future climate.

For example, social and policymakers need a better understanding of how land transport infrastructure, the road and rail transport modes, failures lead to societal vulnerability and insecurity.

Moreover, identifying potential risk on the Energy and Telecommunication infrastructure will be addressed through a comprehensive approach by analysing Failure Case Studies, protection methods adopted and how those failures have affected society.

Illegal Drug Labs Sensing Technologies

Since September 2018 BVS a.s., has been working as one of the partners on the international project called „Synergy of Integrated Sensors and Technologies for Urban Sustained Environment (SYSTEM)“.

The main objective of this project is to develop and design a new sensor system for the detection of pollutants found in communal waste, waste water and air in order to increase the safety of the population in line with environmental protection.

The SYSTEM project is scheduled for a period of 36 months, during which the optimal requirements of the prototypes of the developed sensors will be designed. These will then be tested in real conditions on pilot sites.

The project consortium comprises a total of 22 entities from different countries (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovak Republic, Sweden, Great Britain). The consortium consists of state, self-governing and academic institutions, small, medium and large enterprises and non-profit organizations. The budget of the project is € 9,195,532.29, of which more than € 7 million. € will be funded by the EU.

Rescue services in Finland

Mr Jari Honkanen, a senior specialist, presents rescue services in Finland.

General command lies on

  • Rescue Authority
  • Accident prevention
  • Rescue operations
  • Preparedness and civil protection.

Ready to deal with all types of accidents.