CRISPRO – Security and Protection through Knowledge Synergies is the first-ever network of first responders, government agencies, private technological firms and non-governmental think-tanks laying the foundations of a functional multisectoral stakeholders network. By taking the advantages of technologies and behavioural community models, we act as an open network for rapid exchange of practical experience, assessment of risks, and disaster-triggered impacts.

CRISPRO gathers the community of users, experts, networks, past/ongoing initiatives, integrate knowledge with any general and borderless health deceases, and face the most significant risks: the climate emergency, safety, and security of societies disaster resilience of the communities.

  • Committed disaster response capacities
  • Reinforced cooperation
  • Innovation in planning
  • Strengthened knowledge network
  • Piloting and replication of community based approaches
  • Reinforced cooperation
  • Opportunity to learn from practices of addapting

We want to introduce a holistic approach of humanitarian and scientific methods in fashion challenging the behavioural ecosystem models of the social, health, pandemic, ecological and cyber impacts. 

We aim to build a community around universal tools and approaches/matrix for benchmarking practical guidance to deliver effectively and cross-country preparedness, prevention and response to hybrid hazards.


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  • CRISPRO closing event
    Making the system of crisis management and civil protection functional was a key topic of the closing project event of CRISPRO on June 8th in Savona, Italy. The event was hosted by the the Italian CRISPRO Project CIMA Foundation. The closing event gathered actors from two municipalities from Slovakia, two…
  • Crisis managers on alert TTX
    As part of the last TTX (fast track to decision-making format) experts and strategic managers from Slovakia, Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia, Czech Republic, France and Italy, were exercising (June 7th, 2022) how to manage disaster #riskscenarios in shocking situations. The exercise involves a #forestfire scenario that has cascaded a series of disasters, which must…
  • Capacity-building in Porvoo
    Learning about risk assessment approaches and contingency planning was the main topic of the capacity. building event in Porvoo on 29th March 2022. Municipal, public and rescue service providers from Spain, Italy, Slovakia and the Czech Republic participated in the workshop on risk assessment in the city of Porvoo in…
  • Leadership communication: simulation of a disaster in Chambery
    The objective of this exercise was to be able to carry out the good practices resulting from the guide developed in the context of the CRISPRO project. The main theme of the exercise was related to a natural risk and a climate-induced episode of heavy rainfall. The exercise was related to…