Hellenberg International Oy Ltd is an international research & analysis office registered and based in Helsinki. With a compact and flexible research unit, Hellenberg International challenges mainstream solutions in crisis management and critical infrastructure protection (CIP). Hellenberg employs systematic project management tools which establish agreed milestones, identify concrete deliverables and produce measurable outcomes.

Hellenberg is listed as a trustworthy service provider by several key clients, such as the Hong Kong (SAR) Marine Department, the US State Department, the Finnish Ministry of Defence, the Finnish Foreign Ministry, Finnair Plc, Viking Line Ab, EADS/Airbus Defence, Siemens, SAAB, Elisa Corporation, AVSECO, Government Council of Finland, the European Commission (DG Home Affairs, DG Enterprise, DG Environment, DG ECHO, SITCEN). Through these connections, Hellenberg is able to offer its clients international engagement and expertise which will be utilized in order to improve emergency management capability.