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Capacity-building in Porvoo

Learning about risk assessment approaches and contingency planning was the main topic of the capacity. building event in Porvoo on 29th March 2022. Municipal, public and rescue service providers from Spain, Italy, Slovakia and the Czech Republic participated in the workshop on risk assessment in the city of Porvoo in Finland.

Mr Mika Gröndahl, director of the Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK, stressed NGOs‘ role in the comprehensive security model and citizens‘ preparedness. At the same time, Ms Tuula Luoma (SPR Finnish Red Cross) and Mr Arsi Veikkolainen from the platform of the Voluntary Rescue Services Vapepa outlined the importance of the continuous building of a professional „army“ of non-public organisations enabling relief and preparedness services throughout the whole society. The cooperation model between non-governmental and state institutions is centred on the idea of humanitarian expertise and volunteer services.

Last but not least, the municipalities are playing a critical role in crisis management, concluded the participants by following the experience of the recent pandemic crisis and excellent disaster risk analyses and management presented by the administration of Porvoo and its preparedness planning. Presenters: Ms Sari Gustafsson, director for education in Porvoo, Ms. Minna Särelä, Development coordinator in Porvoo and Mr Peter Johansson, Director, Rescue Services of Itä-Uusimaa.


Disruption of telecommunications

Natural phenomena and cyber agents are drivers of large-scale disorders of the social and economic activities in our communities. The case study below demonstrates the practical experience of dealing with summer storms that affected also the data transfer and electricity utility networks in Finland.

Tracking RNe Technologies

Police and fire officers from the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic exercised dangerous radiological source tracking in the by-urban area of Malacky. The two-day exercise in Slovakia as part of the @TERRIFFIC_EU

The threat to society posed by so-called dirty bombs is increasing. A dirty bomb, or radiological dispersal device (RDD), is a speculative radiological weapon that combines radioactive material with conventional explosives.

The TERRIFFIC project brings together 10 European organisations, working together to deliver an important step-change in the effectiveness of first responders during the first hours of a Radiological, Nuclear, explosive (RNe) incident. This will lead to reduced response times, fewer health and safety risks for the response teams, and less human intervention in the operation due to a higher number of automated processes and extended mobile detection capabilities. https://twitter.com/terriffic_eu/status/1435897483960492032

56 713 433 euro for disaster prevention

About 56 713 433 euro for prevention, preparedness, risk assessment in a disaster is planning to invest the Union Civil Protection Mechanism in diverse projects through five new calls for proposals. Projects shall focus on national preparedness and cross-border and multi-country initiatives, including knowledge, risk analyses, modules, tabletop exercise, multi-hazards scenario preparedness, and large scale exercises in the European Members States and neighbouring countries part of the UCPM. The Information Day promoted the launch of the financial schemes at the online event on 25th March 2021. The DG ECHO team familiarised the potential applicants with the „Prevention and Preparedness Projects“ and „Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network“, giving some useful guidance on the preparation of applications. Almost 250 persons attended the event. The proposal can be submitted in early June. The 2021 Call for Proposals will be published at the following address: https://ec.europa.eu/echo/funding-evaluations/financing-civil-protection/calls-for-proposal_en 

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