Call for solutions

In the context of the FIRE-IN project, in which KEMEA is actively involved as a partner, we have prepared two questionnaires (one for technology providers and one for first responders), which we hope you will find interesting and dedicate a few minutes to fill in.

FIRE-IN is a networking project, which aims to the identification of first responders’ challenges in their everyday operations and solutions (research projects and publications, standards, guidelines, best practices, technological innovations), which can address and cover these challenges.

Our intention is to receive feedback from both technology providers and first responders regarding their view on technological innovations and standards, how these two domains can enhance disaster management capacities, if and to what extent they cover challenges in responders’ everyday operations, as well as future technological trends and expected developments in disaster management solutions.

For this purpose, we have prepared the following two questionnaires, one dedicated to technology providers and another one dedicated to practitioners. In the questionnaires you will find a short description of the project and an introduction to the topic of the questionnaire.

We kindly ask you to fill in the respective questionnaire, taking into consideration the type of organization you are working for, until 31.01.2022. Both questionnaires are anonymous and no personal information will be gathered, required and further processed.