Teaming Up for the New DRS Calls in 2022

Cascading effects and vulnerability of society are essential elements to be tackled by the new call for proposals under Cluster 3, the EU programme for developing security and societal resilience actions. A group of about 25 scientific, policy and first responders‘ organisations called by the CRISPRO network discussed new proposals for 2022. The online consultations were hold on 21st October, 2021. The group assessed their previous experience and highlighted the importance of focusing on pragmatical and applicable tools-developments referring to historical data, online data from social networks, situational awareness and first responders preparedness. The main idea is to tackle cascading effects and multi-hazards paradigm because such models of disaster risk management enable engagement of various forms of vulnerability mitigation measures.

The team will be acting as a non-formal and project-driven team of prominent organisations for challenging models and aspects of disaster risk reduction based on grant opportunities for development.