The Security and Emergency Situation Coordination Centre of Turkey

The Security and Emergency Situation Coordination Centre (GAMER) is established by The Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Turkey Circular (22/12/2016 – 2016/17). GAMER has gained legal status by the Presidential Decree (18/04/2019- 30749) issued by the Republic of Turkey. Currently, 60 staff are working in GAMER under various departments such as Civil Protection, Monitoring and Communication, Disaster and Emergency, Improvement and Trace, Research and Project and IT. GAMER’s staff consists of different experts such as gendarmerie, police, civil servants, civil protection and internal affairs specialist. Studies are being carried out on the training and adaptation of these staff in different disciplines.

GAMER coordinates the central ministerial units, affiliated organisations, province governorates, and local administrations units, providing the public order and security, fundamental rights, freedom, and safety of individuals‘ lives, property, trust, and peace.

GAMER is the backbone of security by monitoring the types of crime, preventing risks that have occurred or potential risks, crises, enriched technological infrastructure, and integrating information technology into security and acquired experience. GAMER conducts the necessary preliminary studies and provides preventive interventions, and post-incident improvement works with an integrated structure understanding to provide emergency services at the country scale.

Additionally, an effective risk assessment is needed to identify the source and frequency of the threats such as terrorist attacks, irregular migrants, fire and natural disasters. Accordingly, there is a strong coordination and data sharing system among relevant security units such as law enforcement units, including police, coastal and border security, and Disaster and Emergency Management Authority. Finally, since collected information from different stakeholders is sensitive and directly related to national security.

Experience in early warning system and engaging a large nation-wide surveillance public spaces system with over 90,000 CCTVs, technological infrastructure that enables communication continuity in any crisis.